April’s Patreon Plug

Once a moth I like to do the little dance of trying to convince people to shell out some of their hard earned cash and help fund my dream of being a writer. I’ll give you one guess what time of month it is.

That’s right! Patreon plug time!

Currently I am focusing on three levels of Patrons at $1, $3, and $5. The basic breakdown is that $1 gets you thanks and shoutouts. $3 gets you enrolled in getting ebooks directly from me. $5 gets you paperbacks every few months until you’ve gotten my full collection (Which, cards on the table currently stands at one but should increase by two by the fall. Knock on wood and beg some artists.) Plus some other merchandise.

There are some other perks, like special posts, early content, podcast transcripts, etc.

What it does for me is a whole other level. It really is the shot in the arm “You can do this!” that I need to keep writing. Not to go on about the hardships of being a small potatoes writer, because it is pretty boring and whiny, but I will admit that even getting a couple of extra bucks a month from a few readers means I lot. It is active encouragement. It is letting me know the people like what I create and want more.

Plus, as a father and husband with other responsibilities, I can also share that getting paid for writing does give me the freedom of treating it like a job and spending some time daily in front of the computer typing away. I’ll admit, it is far easier doing this daily posts are a lot easier when I know that on some level this is content brought to you my awesome Patreons.

Basically, I hope anyone reading this will think to themselves these two questions: 1) Is this blog entertaining enough where I would by this guy a coffee once a month? If so, please visit my Patreon. Or, 2) Do I want this guy to be able to spend more time writing so he can get those books out faster? Again, if the answer is yes. Please visit my Patreon.


If you enjoyed this post, please like my Facebook author page and become a patron through Patreon. Or if you like podcasts and want to hear more of my thoughts on Japan, check out Living Japan. If you want to hear me talk superhero comics, listen to Brent & Lydia Talk Starman. And of course, follow me on Instagram and Twitter. Thanks!

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