The Silver Trident

Wooden columns stretched high inside the cavern. The explorer could just make out the roof they supported. He advanced, cautiously looking from side to side. He knew the treasure was somewhere hidden deep inside. He was prepared for a long search.

Suddenly a loud clang echoed out. With sword half drawn the explorer pivoted. Instead of the ferocious beast he expected, instead he saw the object of his search. Jewel encrusted, three pronged, and made of the purest silver. At last he had found it.

As he held it tears came unbidden to his eyes. At last he could return and be a legend among his guild.

“What’s this then?” A voice like thunder boomed.

The explorer turned. A face the size of a mountain stared down at him.

The explorers eyes continued their tears, but for a new reason. There would be no escaping this giant. He was at its mercy.

“You!” the voice boomed once again. “You found it!”

The explorer looked down at the trident and offered it up towards the hulking figure.

“I was just looking for that. Would you care to join me?”

He found himself nodding, afraid to give offense.

Later, after being offered more cake than he had ever imagined existed he learned two very important things.

The first being that this giant was found of adventure stories, particularly those featuring the tiny people of the world, of which the explorer had plenty.

The second, was that the giant had quite a collection of fancy desert forks, and was willing to part with one if it meant a regular tea time companion. After all, it was rather difficult for the giant travel without creating quite the turmoil.

So, once every moon the explorer would announce to his guild that he was off on a new quest and instead he would bring fresh tales of adventure in exchange for delicate, if rather large, servings of cake.


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