The Outing (part 1)

(This is another one of the stories that are based on my real life. Except, you know, with magic and other fantasy elements added in.) Attempting to commune with the diverse spirits that inhabit this plane is a tricky proposition. Spirits are just as prone to games and falsifications as their material counterparts, which is to … More The Outing (part 1)

Field of Leaves

Every now and then I like to use a picture I took or a moment from my life and imagine it as the basis for a fantasy story. This picture is from my neighborhood in Savannah, GA. It was the most nature my son, from Tokyo, has ever seen. And, yes, the little details in … More Field of Leaves

The She-Orc

“If you weren’t told we were enemies, would you still hate me?” Her words stopped his hand. He was in mid-swing and now he did not know where his aim should lead him. It had been so simple until she had started making sense. He had entered the clearing searching for fresh water. Luckily there … More The She-Orc

The Walk

The giant’s strides moved him quickly along the path. He held his young close to his chest as he walked. The falling snow was light enough that the father needed no special gear, but he was glad for the bear hide that kept his son warm. Together they traipsed the long miles away. As they … More The Walk


It was a marching tune, and so the man marched. His feet kept perfect time. His arms swayed tightly to the rhythm. Sweat was beginning to break out on his brow but kept up the proper pace. After all it was a marching tune. He wanted to stop but knew he couldn’t. Not until the … More March

She Strikes

From atop her perch of a blackened out lamppost she watches. The moonlight reflects off her hair and glints off her drawn blade. It is the only light in the pool of darkness she inhabits between the illuminations of the lampposts.  The soft wind brings messages of her intended. The smell of cheap pipe smoke … More She Strikes


Thirty-six bodies moved in time as the drums began their rat-a-tat-tat. The keyboard quickly joined in with a cheerful flutter before collapsing into syncopated chords. The guitar began strumming along as the bass bounced away at a simply pattern that doubled the low end of the keyboards. Nothing too complex. Nothing too new. But, goddamn, … More Idolatry