Podcasts, Wristbands & Coins: Why You Should Support Me on Patreon

I’ve been working hard revamping my Patreon page in an effort to make it more worthwhile for supporters to come aboard.

First and foremost, there is currently a special offer going on. Any supporters who join up before the end of March will be able to download a free ebook of my latest novella, Tokyo Damned: Bloody Tokyo Season One. Once March ends, it will be available for purchase through most online retailers, but why not help me out directly?

Secondly, I’ve added a few little tweaks to what you get at the different levels. I’ll confess that I have always liked the rubber wristbands, and have thought it would be neat to have some that reflect me and my work. So, I made some. Becoming a supporter at the $3 or more level will get you one of these neat wristbands. They are available in a variety of colors. And, you’ll get to choose the color you want!

The big change is to the $5 level. I have never liked how I could have a longtime supporter, and then put out a book which they would have to pay for. It just felt like double dipping. With the new perks of this level, that won’t be an issue. Any supporter at the $5 level will receive any and all printed paperbacks I produce. Basically, that $5 a month serves as a credit for paperbacks.

Those are the changes to the current levels for supporters. Now lets talk a little about goals. For my Patreon, goals are measured by the amount pledged per month. Once a certain level is met, a new goal is opened up. As of writing this, my Patreon is at $97 a month. My next goal is a $100 goal. Once that amount is met, I will start making twice-a-month short videos to give greater access to my supporters. The hope is that these videos will be of the answered questions variety, where I will answer questions submitted through Patreon and other social media platforms. Patreon members will get early access to these videos before they are posted here and on YouTube. Don’t be too surprised if I also play a little ukulele in these videos as well. I do want to be a troubadour after all.

I also set a $125 a month goal, which is the creation of a new narrative podcast. While my current podcast, Bloody Tokyo, is horror based, this new one will be fantasy. It will feature fifteen episode seasons. It and Bloody Tokyo will alternate seasons.

At $150, I will get Challenge coins manufactured and supply them to all current patrons. after that, they will be another perk to members at the $5 level. That’s right. Once this Patreon hits $150 a month, $5 members will get ebooks, paperbacks, wristbands and an exclusive challenge coin. What an awesome deal (is what I hope you are thinking.)

At $175… Okay, I’m still brainstorming that one. I’ll get back to you. It’s been suggested that I try and incorporate some tabletop RPG elements, but I’m not sure yet how that would work. Let me know if you have something.

At $200, this is when I can really afford to start giving back. I will choose a charity and donate 10% of my Patreon earnings to that charity for a year. The next year I will evaluate whether to continue with that charity, or donate to a new one. At $300, this amount will increase to $15.

That was a lot to get through and I do want to thank anyone who is still reading at this point. I know that no one likes to get hit up for cash, but there is a lot I want to do with my writing and creating, but time is an issue. The higher my Patreon goes, the more I can  justify writing and other forms of creation. If you are a regular reader of this page, or a listener of my podcasts, ask yourself if the time you’ve spent with my creations is worth one cup of coffee a month. Or tea, if that is your choice. If you think it just might be, then please consider signing up to my Patreon. Even $1 a month makes a difference.

But that $5 deal, that does look good right? I mean, Wow!

A sample of the available wristband colors.

If you enjoyed this post, please like my Facebook author page and become a patron through Patreon. Or if you like podcasts and want to hear more of my thoughts on Japan, check out Living Japan. If you want to hear me talk superhero comics, listen to Brent & Lydia Talk Starman. And of course, follow me on Instagram and Twitter. Thanks!

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