On a Quest

My wife has had a busy few weeks. First off, she was really pregnant, and that by itself seemed exhausting. And then, on the 3rd, she gave birth. Like a warrior.

We’ve both been working hard to adjust to our changes. But work goes on.

Case in point, she has had to finish up some very important number crunching that will establish her tax payments for the upcoming year.

I don’t want to go into too much details, but because she is primarily self employed, her paperwork is rather intense.

The complicated paperwork combined with the the other factors means that she just managed to finish today, just over an hour before the postmark deadline.

For me, there was only one option at this point. Which is how I found myself catching the bus and maneuvering downtown Shinjuku on a Friday night in order to venture to the largest post office in the area.

A post office that is just as crowded as you would expect seeing how tonight is the tax deadline. When I took my paper ticket, the machine let me know I was waiting for 131 others.

Of course, it does look like this is the A-Team or postal workers. 6 counters and they are flying through the numbers. In the time it has taken me to write this much, the numbers have ticked at least 30 times.

Of course, once I finish here I will still need to venture home. Buses should still be running, so that’s good.

I know this isn’t the most exciting quest out there. But my Queen gave me a letter that needs to be delivered, and deliver it I shall.

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