My Son, Fish, and Energy

I’ve spent the last week writing about the joy that my new daughter is bringing. But it should also be said that my son is an amazing little guy as well.

He is adjusting so well to the new little person we have in our home, and keeps on being smiley and full of fun. At not-quite-four years old he is constantly making me and his mom laugh as he explores the world around him.

He is big and energetic and loves to run and play and jump. But he also likes to cuddle and read.

After dinner tonight he and I played with his sea animals. We filled a plastic tub with some water, his floating fish toys. And some bouncy balls that also float. We took turns catching the different colors and animals.

At some point during our play he decided that the balls were energy and that the fish found then yummy. The fish were happy to have the and the energy were happy to help the fish. And he voiced all this as I watched and asked questions.

As he grows, so does his imagination. I am very much looking forward to playing in the worlds he is going to create for us.

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