Yesterday felt rather bleak. I had worries that history was repeating itself in terms of work promises falling through. Really the only thing I had to hold on to was the knowledge that the people I work with are very special, warm-hearted people. My faith in their good intentions was never in doubt, but my faith in workplace dynamics was rather rocky.

I can’t say that my faith in the later is restored, but I can say that today was won by the warm-hearted. Since this is about work I can’t really get into the finer details. What I will say is that I am very glad to work in a place where those in power are willing to not only sit and listen to the concerns of this guy on the low end of the totem pull, but that they are also willing to use their power to address my concerns.

How do I say that clearer? My boss could have said “Do it my way.” Instead his decision was to listen and do what he could to resolve my issues. It’s an odd feeling to work in a place where the higher ups actually value the happiness of their workers.

It is really rather nice.


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