The Day Won’t Stop

A little bit of a self-indulgent post today. It is 10:40 at night and other than the twin 20 minute comments to and from work, this is the closest I have come to time to relax since getting out of bed this morning.

Teaching classes, several meetings, creating curriculums, doing all those necessary things that being an active parent entails. I’d say I have reached my limit, but I thought I hit that over an hour ago, but when little girl needs rocking and interaction, I can’t say no. Plus, she is a joy.

But, I do feel like I am starting to bump up against some limits of focus. The problem is, when I try and stop my mind jumps ahead to all of the things I need to accomplish tomorrow. And then on Sunday. And Monday brings with it another fresh work week that will likely be even more packed than this one was.

Slow down. Breath. Find time for simple pleasures. Don’t forget to care for yourself as well.

Some random good news is that i finished reading two books yesterday (expect a review for one tomorrow) and stated reading a new one today that seems to be promising, even if chapter one does feel very much like Dark Mulan. 5 points to anyone that can guess the book I started.

But now I need to get ready for bed, because tomorrow will come all too soon.

Really curious to see if anyone guesses.

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