Stay Sharp

We are five days into the New Year. Many of us made pledges about the ways we want to improve our lives and outlooks. It all starts with the beat intentions.

But even after only five days it is possible to slip, to misstep, or simply feel the strain. The road to betterment is not always an easy path.

What is easy is feeling discouraged. Quitting can be the easiest thing in the world. Many of us are already thinking “was that pledge so important?” or “I’ll never be able to finish.”

Those thoughts are natural. They don’t mean you are weak. Change is hard. Improvement can feel impossible. There is nothing wrong with acknowledging the difficulty inherent in a journey.

Take a step forward. Take another when you can. And if today you didn’t make progress, or even slid backwards, that does not mean that tomorrow you can’t keep pressing forward.

The path to improvement only ends if you stop trying. Mistakes, slips, are not failure. Because every day brings us another chance to take positive action.

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