Stay Sharp

We are five days into the New Year. Many of us made pledges about the ways we want to improve our lives and outlooks. It all starts with the beat intentions. But even after only five days it is possible to slip, to misstep, or simply feel the strain. The road to betterment is not … More Stay Sharp

2019 Resolutions

I’m sitting in front of my computer early in the morning. It is January 1st. One room over my wife and child are still asleep. I wonder how long I’m going to have to write and hope I can get this finished before they wake up. 2018 is over and done with. I’m kind of … More 2019 Resolutions


Still at my parents house. Spent the morning looking after my son. The two of us took a long walk together and before the end of it he fell asleep. Now he’s awake and playing with his mother while I sit on the back porch sipping tea and writing this. I can’t help but take … More Resolutions