2019 Resolutions

I’m sitting in front of my computer early in the morning. It is January 1st. One room over my wife and child are still asleep. I wonder how long I’m going to have to write and hope I can get this finished before they wake up.

2018 is over and done with. I’m kind of glad to see it go. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a bad year for me, but it also wasn’t a year where I felt I was making much progress. That feeling is especially strong when it comes to writing. Looking back over 2018, I don’t think I was as proactive as I could have been. There were certain things that were beyond my control in terms of producing content that kept me from getting work out there. But, I let those things get me down and just stopped working on new projects. At least until the end.

I don’t want that to happen again in 2019 and I’ve been thinking about what exactly it is I want to accomplish as a writer. I’m going for concrete goals rather than abstract ones. What does “write more” mean anyway?

So, here we go (in no particular order, but numbered to help me keep track:

  1. Update this site at least once a week. And I will try and see how long I can go daily.
  2. Get Sand, Sea and Stone (book 2 of Deadly Troubadours) widely available. This means getting the art finished.
  3. Update the Reading Deadly Troubadours podcast and finish books 1 & 2 of that series.
  4. Publish the novella version of Bloody Tokyo, season 1.
  5. Produce season 2 of Bloody Tokyo.
  6. Publish book 1 of a new series. (My current WiP with two chapters left in the rough draft.
  7. Finish the rough draft of book 2 of that series.
  8. Get 100 patrons on my Patreon.

I think those eight goals should be enough for now. There are a few other bonus goals I have, but those might take a bit more work from other people, so I do’t really want to make them my goals.

I hope I can accomplish this goals. Life has a huge curveball coming up in a few months, but more on that later.

Now, let me see what else I can accomplish while the rest of my family is asleep (and quiet.)


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