Into the Snow

Yesterday I mentioned that I was going for another attempt to post something on this site daily for as long as possible. This is something I’ve done the past few years as well. With varying results, of course.

There are a few benefits to this. One is the hope of increased traffic. If I post something and have a few interesting takes on something, then hopefully more people will stop by, and next thing I know I’m elected king. I’m pretty sure that is how it works.

The other advantage is just the sheer practice of it. I’m a creature of habit. Having a goal, having a tradition, helps me achieve more. If I get this little blog into being a daily habit, that there is practice, my friend. Be it reviews, little slices of life, micro stories, every word written here is just me honing my craft.

Plus there is the benefit to just getting used to sitting down and writing. By that, I don’t mean sitting down, checking Facebook, scrolling through a few news stories, diving around Wikipedia. You know, all the things that can be done to avoid writing. I mean that sitting down, and jumping right into the words that need to be put on the page. Having a daily habit, like blogging here, helps my turn the writing into something that operates more on an on/off switch rather than something that needs to be coaxed out.

So, there are some benefits into just getting this thing into a daily ritual. But there are also some difficulties as well, and most of them come along with having jobs and family.

The truth is, I’m a little worried about the next four days. One of my jobs is with a camp here in Japan and tomorrow begins our January Ski camp. It is only four days, but a typical day there runs from 6:30am until around 11:00pm. Not too much time for writing with those hours.

But I’ll give it my best.


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