Past Mistakes

Time for complete honesty. Which probably isn’t the best idea, but here it goes. I’m writing all of this down, everything on this site, because I want you to read it. And I want you to like it. I want you to like it enough that you read tomorrow and the day after.

I want you to find my podcasts and listen to those. I want you to learn about my book(s) and decide to read them. I want you to like everything I’ve done so much that you decide I’m worth a couple of bucks a much (or even just $1.)

Yep. This is a big ploy to get your cash. But the reason I want to get your cash is so I can devote more time to writing and podcasting. Okay, and playing ukulele. Yes, I also do that.

Now that I’ve been honest about that, let me be honest about my sins (to my craft.) The most outstanding sin is that two years have passed since my second novel was funded and it still is t released. Yes, the writing is finished. But the art isn’t. I don’t have as much control over that as if Luke and it drives me crazy that two years later I am still waiting for the finished project to be delivered. For family reasons I can’t change artists. But there it is.

The other sins are that I am behind on the second season of my Bloody Tokyo (vampires in Japan) podcast and on Patron videos. The birth of my daughter last year slowed those down.

There are likely other sins that I’m guilty of. I want to put out more material on a regular basis so that I can feel it is more worth people’s cash to join my Patreon. Right now, I think it will pay off eventually. Just not yet. Sigh.

Anyway. That’s it.

If your asking “is this confession part of the New Year refreshing kind of stance?” Yes. Yes? it is.

But, seriously, if you haven’t yet you really should check out the first 1.5 seasons of my vampire podcast. That is, if you like horror mixed with sex mixed with modern Japan.

Do it.

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