Writing Detours

One of the things I like about writing fiction, is that you are never quite sure where it is going to take you.

Case in point: several months ago I finished the first draft of a new novel. I liked it, but didn’t love it. I knew it had some problems, but sent it out to a trusted writer friend to get some feedback.

Among the many errors pointed out was that the middle section lacked content.

I worked through a few ideas and finally concluded on something that I liked that would revolve around a chance meeting that led to drawn swords. Nothing to major. Maybe two chapters. Three tops.

(My chapters tend to be on the shorter side. Generally around 1700 words.)

I ended up with five chapters, as well as a new prologue and fallout in later chapters.

When I started adding this little tension piece, the goal was just to add some conflict and move on. An obstacle in the story. Instead, we get character growth, cultural insight, and hopefully a neat action sequence.

A nice little detour.

Where has your writing taken you?

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