Keep Positive, Me.

On a personal level, 2020 has not been the smoothest year to enter.

Basically from the moment the year started both of my darling children came down with the flu. The good parent in me is just happy that all things considered it wasn’t that heavy for either of them. It could always be worse.

The selfish part of me notes that since this kept them out of daycare, they few days I would have had to myself disappeared.

Kind of.

I say kind of, because after a week of tending them, my own health suffered enough where I was told it would be better to stay hone, especially since I could easily pass on the flu to my work even if I didn’t have the flu myself. After all everyone in my family did. Including my poor wife who has really only been able to sleep today.

During my first day of rest, I was contacted by my side job to see if I would be available later in the year. And then I was essentially given the “we need to talk.” Since that talk hasn’t happened yet, I’m going to stay vague, especially since I value the people involved. But something about how things are being conducted makes me feel whatever is coming will be unpleasant.

Only 10 days into the new year, and so many things revolve around sickness or worrisome anticipation.

One of my (non-creator) goals is to get more centered and be more at peace. Be more line water.

It seems 2020 wants to put that to the test.

However, soon I will be heading out to pick up my children. And even when I am in the dark, they serve as bright lights.

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