First day back at school

I’ll be honest, I wanted to write something else today.

The hope was to do a short fiction piece. Maybe something that ties into the novel I am this close to finishing. A little written doodle to help me start simmering the ideas for the sequel.

There was even thoughts towards another installment of Tarot Tuesday. I enjoy that and it a been awhile. Of course, the ultimate dream with that is to do a bilingual version with my wife, who is both shaman and artist, and have her illustrate her own deck. Oh, how fun dreams are.

But today saw pouring rain, teaching 4 classes in a row, prepping several other school projects, and upon returning home, plenty of exercise and trying to get control of a sink full of holiday dishes.

Now my children are asleep and my drooping eyelids are begging me to follow. I think they are right.

Maybe tomorrow will see some short fiction.

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