Priority in Japan

I feel like I’ve talked about this before. I’m almost sure I have. But it is such an ordinary aspect of daily life. So, here we go. One of the aspects about my life in Japan that I value, is that I can maneuver the city without needing a car. Sure, I’ve been lucky in … More Priority in Japan

Impending Headache

I can feel it there, ready to pounce. I’ve stretched, hydrated, and wished. Hopefully one will work. It’s also almost bedtime and the words are slow in coming. Tomorrow will be for substance.

Almost Bedtime

The children are asleep. The house is temporarily quiet. All day the back of my mind has been thinking up dreams for the page. I look at the clock. I listen to my body. Frowning, I slip into bed. Tomorrow is an early day. I close my eyes only to visit the world that longs … More Almost Bedtime

The Flip Side

I’ve lived in Japan for almost 15 years. I have seen a lot of amazing acts of kindness, and been the beneficiary of such. I have also seen such staggering lacks of common curtesy that it has boggled my mind. At times I have likely been guilty of focusing on negative acts. Today will be … More The Flip Side

Thanks, Dad

Yesterday was Father’s Day. I suppose you could say I celebrated the day. Really, it was a normal Sunday for us, which meant spending most of the day with my family. All though, when we did go out to eat I did use Father’s Day as an excuse to order something I ordinarily wouldn’t. The … More Thanks, Dad