The Horde

Their dust swept into the lonely guard tower. He coughed and tried to tell himself the watering in his eyes was solely a result of the irritant. Their numbers were not countless, but they were far greater than one, and I e was all he had. They continued their march forward. It was slow. He … More The Horde

Still Recovering

I’ve spent most of this week getting over the sickness that I caught from my son. It isn’t too terrible, or at least it is t bad enough where I can stay home from work with a clear conscience. But it does feel like I am carrying extra rocks in my stomach, plus I am … More Still Recovering

The Village

Once this village was ashes. All she needed was to close her eyes and she could see it again. Charred buildings moments away from toppling. That is what lived in her memory. She gripped the sword at her side to remind herself she was in the now. She was here and the village was whole … More The Village


When you look outside, what is it that you see? When you look outside, are you doing so to keep from looking inward? Is it better to see struggle or peace? Which is better for now? Which is better for tomorrow?

I was Interviewed!

A few weeks ago I was interviewed by Dana Hall about living in Japan. Dana was incredibly easy to talk to and asked some great questions. The article was posted over the weekend and I am so pleased with the result. I tend to ramble, which longtime readers likely know, but she managed to choose … More I was Interviewed!

Sick Day

I think whatever little sickness my son had earlier in the week has started in on me now. I’m not broken, but the lack of focus from yesterday makes more sense. It might be weird to post about how I don’t feel well enough to post properly because I still feel I need to post … More Sick Day