Little Lunches

The elementary school I work at here in Tokyo has a cafeteria. That’s a bit of a rarity as many schools just have their lunches in the classroom. Sometimes I bring my own lunch and eat in the staff room, but most days I opt for the school lunch. I’m not a fan of all … More Little Lunches

The One Thing About Spider-Man: Far From Home I didn’t Like

I am unbelievably late to this party. Generally speaking I try and see the Marvel movies soon after opening. I made sure to see Endgame its opening night. It helps to avoid spoilers and all that. But, for a few reasons I did not get around to seeing Far From Home for ages. In fact, … More The One Thing About Spider-Man: Far From Home I didn’t Like

The Center Holds

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you might have seen that 2020 has not been off to the best of starts. Some of those issues have been resolved. Others are still out there baring their teeth, But, despite that I am constantly reminded that I am very fortunate. I write this after … More The Center Holds

Writing Detours

One of the things I like about writing fiction, is that you are never quite sure where it is going to take you. Case in point: several months ago I finished the first draft of a new novel. I liked it, but didn’t love it. I knew it had some problems, but sent it out … More Writing Detours

Keep Positive, Me.

On a personal level, 2020 has not been the smoothest year to enter. Basically from the moment the year started both of my darling children came down with the flu. The good parent in me is just happy that all things considered it wasn’t that heavy for either of them. It could always be worse. … More Keep Positive, Me.

The Paper Chase

I’m not sure if the following anecdote is an insight into life in Japan or not. It happened here in Japan, and it does feel like something that belongs here. But, then again, as it get older and deal with my kids I enter grounds that I have no point of reference for. Maybe the … More The Paper Chase