Still Editing

The other day I was editing and rewriting some stuff I’d written about a year ago. I realized something very important. If I stumbled on my books at random, I would really enjoy them. I’m not seeing I’m a great writer. Just implying it. But, seriously, so much of editing is just seeking out the … More Still Editing

SSS Ch 08 Day One: Later Evening

Today Brent reads the 8th chapter of Sand, Sea and Stone “Demetrius Tate: Goblin.” If you are enjoying this podcast please take a moment to rate and review Brent’s books on Goodreads. Both Deadly Troubadours and Sand, Sea and Stone could use some love. Visit the website at and like the book on Facebook. Deadly Troubadours can … More SSS Ch 08 Day One: Later Evening

The 21st…

A long while ago I decided that once a month I would hit up loyal readers for cash. I could say support, but lets be real. I mean cash. I also decided that the day I would stretch out my hand would be the 21st. Why? Because that is my birthday. Not today, in June. … More The 21st…

A Writing Desire

I want to write of heroes and villains. Gods and magic. I want to spin stories of iron friendships and broken trusts, I want readers to laugh and feel horrified. To cry tears of multiple shades. I want to write you a new companion and a new enemy. I want to surprise myself with a … More A Writing Desire

Dad times

Sines the best reward is when your child just leans against you and says “I love you.” Or, in my case “ダーディ大好き”

2022 Week 2 Wrap Up

Another week finished and this here site has a perfect attendance record. Hope your enjoying it. I’m pretty sure I am. Edit: after posting this I noticed something amiss. The post intended for yesterday ended up saving as a draft. It’s fixed now, and I’m counting. Working does indeed make it harder, especially this week. … More 2022 Week 2 Wrap Up