Helgmar was known for his skill with axe and spear. The lore of his battlefield prowess meant that he could end more private disputes with but a glare of his smoke-colored eyes. He was blunt and honest in a way that earned him an equal amount of friends and enemies. He was glad for both, … More Helgmar

Weight Loss

Some folk might have noticed that my writing output slowed down and then basically stopped. Some of that has to deal with issues I’ve discussed before. but it also has so so with the limited time I have after working and parenting. Since basically elementary school I’ve been a big guy. Too big. There are … More Weight Loss

New Year’s Dad

Tomorrow I get to take a little bit of a rest. I’ll likely read a book, play some music, maybe even turn on a video game. If my head space clears, I’ll even do some writing. My teaching job doesn’t start up again for another week and to tell the truth in a little worn … More New Year’s Dad


It’s the second day of the new year. We are all currently enjoying full bellies from one the traditional New Year’s meals here in Japan, a soup called ozoni. There are a few ways of making ozoni. The base is a clear soup made with fish stock and soy sauce, but also seasoned with yuzu, … More Ozoni

2022: Progress

There was a long period where I did not enjoy New Years. Sure, I enjoyed the parties and excuses to have revelries with friends, but the actual event of one year changing into the next hit me with a sadness. Try as I might, I would dwell on things done poorly, words said that couldn’t … More 2022: Progress