Drinking after Work

Okay, confession time: I really like my main job. I kind of fell into teaching. I come from a family of teachers and sometimes it seems like a majority of the extended family, on both sides, either are teachers or have taught. I think that outside of my dad and brother, almost everyone else has … More Drinking after Work

Countdown to Birth

I am counting days. The expected date of the birth of my daughter is March 5th. Counting today, that is seven days away. It’s morning here, so I count it. At some point during the day, I’ll stop including today. My mother will arrive on the seventh. None days away. She is tasked with making … More Countdown to Birth


With clumsy fingers he begins to play. The notes bump into each other and stumble around the room. The rhythm ebbs and flows with little cares for how the song dictates. It moves at its own pace. Slowly, a sort of sense is built. The rhythm holds in the center and the notes begin to … More Strum

Bloody Tokyo, Ch. 20

Season 2 continues with chapter 19 of “Bloody Tokyo” by indie author Brent Thomas. A modern horror story containing vampires, werewolves, magic, oni, ninjas, samurai, yakuza, and more all set against the backdrop of modern Tokyo. This week’s Patreon shout out to the new novella that will be available soon to all my patrons. It … More Bloody Tokyo, Ch. 20