Day Off

Today’s game went quite well. I had fun and I am fairly certain the players did as well. And we even managed to finish on time! huzzah. Then it was the rush home to help with the kiddos. Our 3 year old has a bit of a sickness, and feel asleep really early, before I … More Day Off

Golden Week Day 3

Today started out strong, but ended with my poor little son getting a stomach ache and throwing up. Luckily, 5 years of summer camp has made cleaning up those kind of messes almost second nature. He’s asleep now and we are all hoping it will be just a little bug. If it turns out to … More Golden Week Day 3

Golden Week: Day 1

Here in Japan we have reached that beloved string of holidays known as Golden Week. Due to the Imperial change over this year the total number of consecutive days off reaches nine. While I am always glad to have days off of work, I will admit it is not quite as exciting when national holidays … More Golden Week: Day 1


The synthetic man watches. If he concentrates, he is aware of the exact number of countless computations that it takes to bring his world into focus. His ears track the sound of a ball as it bounces the distance. Somewhere inside he knows it’s rate repeat and has an estimate of the average height of … More Synthetic