Fun with the Son

After dinner me and the little man played superhero adventures. Lots of dolls and other toys were involved. We went to the moon and came back. Lots of fun. The only thing is that that I’m pretty sure this particular four year old doesn’t have the whole “yes, and” thing down. Him: How are we … More Fun with the Son

Too Many Drinks

After the abbreviated day today my co-worker and I went to get lunch at the local pub. Now it’s almost eight hours later and I’ve just left on the train home. Nothing worthwhile will be said tonight. Other than I am really enjoying listening to Ton Segura’s comedy.

3 Day Weekend

It was a nice long weekend with the kids. They are indeed angels, but sometimes angels need a lot of attention. and that can. Make even the happiest of times a little draining. I’ve tried several times to get the bat off my shoulder with the regular feature, Tuesday Tarot, it it really wasn’t going … More 3 Day Weekend