A Lack of Nuance

I haven’t lived in the USA since 2004. Still, I’ve tried to keep up with what is happening culturally and politically. The have been amazing improvements, and just heartbreaking setbacks. But it can sometimes be hard to judge what the reality is.

Part of that is because of the international filter. More than just the 14 hour difference, the filter buffers out a great deal of breaking news, and popular culture. Sometimes this seems like a gift.

Other times, it seems like the only things string enough to break through this filter is only the most powerful aspects of culture. This doesn’t apply to quality, simply to what can get the most eyes on it. If something can get enough hits/likes/comments, then it will more than likely make it around the world.

If it doesn’t break through the competition, and it isn’t something I actively search out, then I most likely won’t find out about what the culture is currently occupied by. And, I’ll be honest, as a working father if two who also tries to create a little bit of art, there is very little “new” things that I search out.

So, what does come through? It varies. I’m aware a new season of Tiger King is coming out thanks to excited co-workers.

I also have heard enough to worry.

This is where I expose a little about myself. I’m a progressive liberal. There I said it. And after growing up as Limbaugh grew to power, and I look at the conservative side, I have no expectations of civility or nuance from the right. Not from the mouthpiece celebrities (Carlson) and not from the political leaders (Trump and McConnell). I don’t expect humanity from them.

But, more and more, as I read what fellow progressives have to say, I grow concerned. Not for their policies, which I tend to agree with, but with their messaging.

More and more I see a lack of nuance and a quickness to single out groups of enemies. This is something I want to explore more in the future. Not because I want to cast stones, but because I think the messaging is important.

We are casting stones at so many who are could eventually side with us, but by labeling them as enemies from the start we only make our own goals harder to achieve.

Going forward, I want to delve into some of these issues and unpack why I think we are doing a disservice to all by casting a large swath of the American populace as enemies.

It’s going to be fun.

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