A Lack of Nuance

I haven’t lived in the USA since 2004. Still, I’ve tried to keep up with what is happening culturally and politically. The have been amazing improvements, and just heartbreaking setbacks. But it can sometimes be hard to judge what the reality is. Part of that is because of the international filter. More than just the … More A Lack of Nuance

How I got Yelled at by a Politician (who thinks he’s Jesus)

I’m going to take a break from selling you my upcoming novel, and instead relate a little tale from a recent walk home. Enjoy. (And feel free to buy that book.) Before we start there might need to be a little background. First off, I live in Japan and have lived here since 2004. I … More How I got Yelled at by a Politician (who thinks he’s Jesus)

Many Differences

Most of my summer is spent at a camp living and working with amazing people from all over the world. We come from different cultures and religions and all strive to give children an unforgettable summer. We work in harmony and at times I feel we learn as much as our campers. And in my … More Many Differences

Spread that Blame!

Woohoo! Another little political rant! just the kind of thing that everyone loves to read. As long as they agree with it. Especially when it comes from some unknown character who can be accused of living outside the country for over a decade and therefore has little accurate experience as to what it means to live in … More Spread that Blame!


I live in Japan and part of the culture here is to have drinking parties. This is a reflection of my day after said drinking party with a handful of awesome people. But here we are after the drinking party. I’m thinking about insults from earlier on in the day. Insults that I hoped I … More 飲み会の後

He’s Thinking

When did it begin? What was the start process? I have a 20 month old child. He is amazing. He laughs and cries and hugs and lives. And thinks. He puts things together and discovers something new. He watches and wonders and experiments. He tries hard all the time. He wants to do more. Be … More He’s Thinking


I haven’t come to terms with it yet. I want to be pithy and biting and challenge the beliefs of those who support this man. But I still feel like a man in shock. Health care is important. Education is important. Freedom of the press is important. Supporting women and minorities is important. These are … More Inauguration 

Voting Oversees

Right off the bat let me say that I don’t plan to go into my personal politics very much on this site. I have some strongly held views that some might agree with and others might not. In person I’m more than happy to talk frankly about those beliefs. But this is a website. More … More Voting Oversees