He’s Thinking

When did it begin? What was the start process?

I have a 20 month old child. He is amazing. He laughs and cries and hugs and lives. And thinks. He puts things together and discovers something new. He watches and wonders and experiments.

He tries hard all the time. He wants to do more. Be more. He grows and changes and each day he is a little more remarkable than he was the day before.

I love this little guy. He exhausts me, frustrates me, takes time away from my work and projects. He generally makes everything more difficult. And I love him.

I am sure I am not the only parent experiencing this. Nothing I am saying is new or remarkable. It is most likely cliche. But it is true.

Watching this little guy learn about the world is amazing. He is thinking.

Right now he has now malice in his heart. Sure, there is some self-centerdness, but he is even learning empathy and kindness.

It is up to us to teach him. We need to teach him about the world and what it means to live in it.

I look at my place of birth and hear the lessons being spouted by those in power and it makes me ashamed. Those are not the lessons I want for my son. The intolerance and rejection of education being spewed by the top of my country are a rejection of what I hold dear.

The country I now call have fares little better. While the hate is not as blatant on the surface, I fear the intolerance runs just as deep. What separates him, my son, from being a target is only a matter of degrees. That goes for both countries.

I want my son to grow up respecting others and loving others and to continue learning. To never stop learning and to believe in science and women.

He is just a little guy and he is thinking all the time. It makes me very aware of what he will learn.

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