I’m an Immigrant

At the end of college I was accepted into the JET Programme. This enabled me to move to Japan and work as a teacher in local high schools. JET came with a one-year contract that was renewable originally for three years, but ultimately this was extended to five. My original plan was to stay for … More I’m an Immigrant

He’s Thinking

When did it begin? What was the start process? I have a 20 month old child. He is amazing. He laughs and cries and hugs and lives. And thinks. He puts things together and discovers something new. He watches and wonders and experiments. He tries hard all the time. He wants to do more. Be … More He’s Thinking

Everyone’s Here

I just left a little luncheon to head to work for a little bit. That alone means that today is a slightly odd day. Since my school is having a bit of a special schedule it means I don’t have to be there except for a few hours today. Which is good because not only … More Everyone’s Here