Everyone’s Here

I just left a little luncheon to head to work for a little bit. That alone means that today is a slightly odd day. Since my school is having a bit of a special schedule it means I don’t have to be there except for a few hours today.

Which is good because not only is my mom in town, all the way from the USA, but the Mrs. parents came over from their home prefecture (about 3 hours away) and her sister is up from western Japan. Having us all together is a pretty rare occasion and it has been great fun.

My family has always been quite social and I grew up with relatives being a regular feature. I think that helped me learn at a young age how to talk and interact with adults. Of course, the downside migh be that I didn’t always appreciate the distinction between kid and adult, but I can’t help but think that is better than not being able to talk with adults and being antisocial.

I hope that Leo gets to be brought up the same way. I love having people around and having that aura of fun and open conversation and I think it does a child good to learn from that.

Today was a little hard because once we all got together and started getting that good vibe going I had to step out for work. But after work I get to rejoin the fun and I’m sure the energy will still be there.

I guess there isn’t much of a grand point to this post, just a little slice of my life. If I were to force in a big point it would be to take the time and enjoy those you love and spend time with them when you can. My mom is in town for another five days and it will be about half a year until I can see her again. That also means she won’t see her grandson for another six months.

Just make the most of it.

One thought on “Everyone’s Here

  1. Brent, you were considered one of the adults about the time you began to speak in complete sentences. I remember many family gatherings in which you were the entertainment. Great memories of you as a child and now I love hearing about the memories you are building with your child.

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