I haven’t come to terms with it yet. I want to be pithy and biting and challenge the beliefs of those who support this man. But I still feel like a man in shock.

Health care is important. Education is important. Freedom of the press is important. Supporting women and minorities is important. These are some of the values that I do not see reflected in the president elect or those who voted for him.

What I see is small-minded hate. I see anger that is used an excuse for ignorance. I see those who feel tolerance and respect for others is a type of oppression.

I see those who scream they aren’t being listened to as the watch conservative pundits twist the news to tell them they aren’t being listened to.

Maybe I’m just a liberal elite. Maybe that makes my ideas biased.

But before people jump to that conclusion, let’s make a quick comparison of who is elitist. The president elect was given millions by his father, he went to private, ivy-league business schools. Look at his his financial chums are.

My grandparents were sharecroppers on one side and Navy on the other. My college was a state one. My chums are teachers and camp counselors.

People who think the president elect is anything but an elitist snake have been lied to. But what should we expect from a con man?

In a few hours a new president takes office. I worry for the environment, for the rights of the press, for the rights of women and minorities. I worry for education. I worry for peace. There is no end to my worry.

But I will not give in to hate. Hate is what got us here.


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