Spread that Blame!

Woohoo! Another little political rant! just the kind of thing that everyone loves to read. As long as they agree with it. Especially when it comes from some unknown character who can be accused of living outside the country for over a decade and therefore has little accurate experience as to what it means to live in America these days! But, I’d rather get it out on here than have these thoughts rattling around my head for the next day or two.

A few months ago America faced a choice. The decision the country came to… Can I just say that it was not a decision I am proud of? That is possibly the nicest way I can put it without feeling that I am being dishonest on some level.

Since that decision was made electoral autopsies have been a part of life. It seems every week a new analysis comes out to show who is to blame for the current path the US is on.  I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised by that. In any situation the urge to know “how did we get here” can be incredibly strong. To want to know the “how did we get here” of a national election just feels natural.

What has surprised me is that the blame is always placed at the people who in no way voted, endorsed, or supported the new regime.

It was the Democrats’ fault for ignoring Bernie. It was Bernie’s fault for not running third party. It was HRC’s fault for existing, apparently.

On some level I could understand those stories. They were about process. These were the false steps that led to grave errors. And there was truth behind a lot of those tales. I can understand why some would feel the Democratic primaries were essentially stolen. I wish I could say for sure. I know the candidate who resonated most with me was not present in the general election and some of what I’ve read does indeed suggest something conspiratorial.

There was also some pure speculation and a good amount of sour grapes going on. At least to me. Whenever I see anyone claiming a different opponent would have been a certain victory, all I can do is shrug my shoulders. I’m only 35, but I’ve seen other certainties crumble.

But, in all those autopsies, there seems to be a consistency. No matter what, there should be no blame given to those who actually voted for the man in question. Don’t wonder about their belief in a constant liar. don’t wonder as to their faith in man who was a known fraud and conman. Don’t question the ethics of those who had decided a vote for someone who repeatedly went to well of misogyny and race-baiting. Don’t express any doubts as to the personal politics of those who supported a man applauded by the KKK and white supremacists. Don’t ask why women would support a man who bragged about spying on teenage beauty queens or his pussy grabbing.

No. We can do none of that. To even question the well meaning nature of those voters is verboten. After all, these are the ignored groups. These are the overlooked. These are the blue collar workers who make up the backbone of America we are talking about. And they are being ignored.

Which was news to me. Because I saw lots of pandering to to that section of forgotten America. About how hard working they are and indicative of America they are.

And let’s not forget the amount of social programs that I saw that were almost directly aimed at those same groups of Americans. I wonder why that same population never quite connected to those messages?

I wonder. Hmm. Could it perhaps be the other message that was going out. That spin about how those same social programs were really just for the takers and welfare queens. You know who I’m talking about. C’mon, don’t make me say it. Urban people.

It would be crazy to suggest that same spin used racism to convince a group to vote against there own interests because doing so would ally them with another group that they were being told was less _______. Fill in that blank with anything you like. Less American. Less cultured. Less Civilized. As long as it elevates one group and denigrates another, its fine.

Nope. That would never happen. Now, close your history books.

I’m tired. I’m tired at that line of thinking. Place the blame on the party that lost, and keep praising this same people who voted for a film-flam artist. I’ve been tired of that. But tiredness is starting to give way to anger.

Because now a new narrative is coming forth. And this narrative places the blame where it truly doesn’t belong: comedians. That’s right. The real reason for our current state of affairs is John Oliver and Samantha Bee. Of, and Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert, and I guess Bill Maher. Basically, any funny person with a liberal bent who talks about political issues. Really, any issues. They are to blame. Sure.

Because it is never the fault of the supporters of this administration. It is never the fault of those in media who, since the inception of their fan club channel, have been promoting bunker mentality and the notion that the liberal boogeyman is out to get them. It isn’t the fault of those who openly question simple science. It isn’t the fault of those who have been the attack dogs and protectors of the right wing for at least two decades. It is never the fault of those who have taught a generation that anyone with a different idea or religion or skin color is less American than themselves.

Nope. It can’t be the fault of that well oiled and well funded machine that refers to its enemies as pinheads or that has turned the very word “liberal” into a slur.

Its the fault of the comedians and all those court jesters who dare speak truth to power. Because they make that same precious little pocket of America that we can never utter an unkind work about feel all sad inside.

When the monster gets loose, do you blame Frankenstein or the gravedigger asking where all the body parts went?

So many democrats are falling on their swords. Because deep inside we feel shame that this is happening on our watch. We feel responsible. We couldn’t clean it up.

But at the same time, if you are a member of the party that touts its own belief in personal responsibility, then quick passing the buck. So, if you are a member of that particular Grand Ole Party, and don’t happen to like Trump, then rather than blaming it on late-night comedians, why don’t you take a look at the plank that is in your own eye?


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