Spread that Blame!

Woohoo! Another little political rant! just the kind of thing that everyone loves to read. As long as they agree with it. Especially when it comes fromĀ some unknown character who can be accused of living outside the country for over a decadeĀ and therefore has little accurate experience as to what it means to live in … More Spread that Blame!

The Last Night

In a few minutes my family is going to sit down to dinner. This will be our last dinner together for a while. It is 7:13 and my son is already asleep. I don’t know if he will wake up tonight or sleep through until morning. My wife and I have spent a good part … More The Last Night

Voting Oversees

Right off the bat let me say that I don’t plan to go into my personal politics very much on this site. I have some strongly held views that some might agree with and others might not. In person I’m more than happy to talk frankly about those beliefs. But this is a website. More … More Voting Oversees