2022: Progress

There was a long period where I did not enjoy New Years. Sure, I enjoyed the parties and excuses to have revelries with friends, but the actual event of one year changing into the next hit me with a sadness.

Try as I might, I would dwell on things done poorly, words said that couldn’t be taken back, or words that I wished I had used when the chance presented itself. Basically, I got bogged down in the regrets of the ending year.

In truth, I’m still like that. Not as much. But I do have a tendency to dwell on the regrets, and even the hurts, of the past.

That is slowly changing. I want it to change more.

With that in mind, I’m abandoning goal based resolutions for this year. Instead I’m giving myself a theme.


That’s it. In all the areas I want to move forward, or improve, the relationships I want to strengthen, the goals I want to achieve, I want to keep that one word in mind.


With that in mind, watch this space.

And Happy New Year.

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