The Pepper, Pt 2

Tak smiled. He looked out the window of his sitting room and stared down upon the city below. The sun had just set and the painted sky had fully given way to inky black peppered with diamonds. But still below there was motion. He wondered how many families were soon to gather around a table … More The Pepper, Pt 2

The Pepper, Pt 1

Tak wandered. It was an aimless wandering. He had never felt comfortable staying in one place for too long. Or so he told himself. That he had no home and no coin made the choice to wander that much easier. Two weeks ago he had been in a proper city that was just large enough … More The Pepper, Pt 1

The Outing (part 1)

(This is another one of the stories that are based on my real life. Except, you know, with magic and other fantasy elements added in.) Attempting to commune with the diverse spirits that inhabit this plane is a tricky proposition. Spirits are just as prone to games and falsifications as their material counterparts, which is to … More The Outing (part 1)

King and Bard (2)

The following continues directly from Part 1. The King continued on the path, his pace slightly increased as if trying to make up for the brief stop. “What was that?” The bard asked, frozen to his spot. The King kept walking. “I said ‘What was that?’” The Bard tried again and then hastily added “Sire.” The … More King and Bard (2)

King and Bard (1)

“Wake up.” The bard’s eyes fluttered open. It was still dark with just a hint of light around the edges. The forrest was quiet and the pre-dawn air still held on to its evening chill. Already the bard wanted to close his eyes once again and drift back to sleep. A hangover cause such a … More King and Bard (1)

Sengoku Tales, 2

The Story “All right, sit down now children. It’s story time.” The moon was high overhead, although it couldn’t be seen through the thick canopy of trees. This heat of the day had barely given way to the night’s sluggish humidity. Still there was a slight breeze the moved the air just enough to provide … More Sengoku Tales, 2

Sengoku Tales, 1

[A while ago I tried my hand at working on a tale of a fictionalized Japan’s war period. I wanted demons and magic and ninja and samurai and maybe some love and political intrigue thrown in. I was probably influenced by the first edition of Legend of the Five Rings tabletop RPG as much as, … More Sengoku Tales, 1