Punch Drunk

Her nose hurt. Actually her whole face hurt, but she knew her nose was broken is she focused on that. She could feel the blood flowing, most of it following the path of her lips to either side of her mouth, but some the more intrepid blood choice to flow directly downwards. She spat. The … More Punch Drunk

Inside the Hammer Troops

The following was compiled from an interview with Sergeant Ral Xirces, a highly decorated combat veteran with almost twenty years experience. He adds to the little heard perspective of the Hammer Troopers views on the conflict between the United Empire and the terrorist organization the Restoration.   On Hammer Suits:   The suits are great. … More Inside the Hammer Troops


“Who, look what the cat dragged in. Officers Test-tube and Trashcan,” jeered the wannabe Mafioso. He went by the name Uncle Jerry and tried to fully act the part of Italian tough guy. A quick web search revealed that his real name was Jerald Rodgers and that the closest he ever came to Italy was … More Partners