DT Chapter 27 Kestra: Origins 4

Today Brent reads the twenty-seventh chapter of Deadly Troubadours “Kestra: Origins 4.” Visit the website at deadlytroubadour.com and like the book on Facebook. Deadly Troubadours can be purchased from Indiegogo, Amazon, iTunes or Smashwords. Or go look at Brent’s Patreon site and get it there. Music by Manny Marx. If you enjoyed this post, please like my Facebook author page and become a patron through Patreon. Or if you like podcasts and … More DT Chapter 27 Kestra: Origins 4

Writing Women

I guess for this post to really make sense I have to start it off with a confession. Okay, here it goes. Deep breath.  I’m a male writer. And I like women in stories.  I feel like I have to stop short of saying I like writing women characters. That isn’t because I don’t like … More Writing Women