Love and Burgers

Every now and then I am surprised by what is and is not easy to find here in Tokyo. Before I go on, I guess I should define what I mean by “easy to find” especially when I am about to talk about foodstuffs. There are several small markets close to my apartment. They are … More Love and Burgers

Too Much Food

Today is the last day of Spring Break. The Mrs and I celebrated by heading out to one of my favorite Tokyo eateries. Tokyo is full of great places to eat, but I only know of one that has falafel and the like. I don’t really even know what to call this style. I think … More Too Much Food

Garrick’s Contest

Garrick had submitted his name to the lists. He had honed his skills and was prepared for the challenge ahead. He looked over the competition, looking for any sign of weakness or strength. To the left there was a pock-marked and portly man. He was all bluster and no challenge. The young behemoth next to … More Garrick’s Contest