Sweet as Strawberries

I had a completely different post planned out for today. I spent a good amount of thought time mentally writing and rewriting the piece. Then, during dinner, something happened that I knew I would need to write about instead.

It was the three of us, my wife, son, and me, all sitting around our little table. We were all finishing up our little meals, feeling nice and content. The last bit of food for us was a bowl of strawberries that would serve as tonights dessert.

Yep, we are the type of parents that are still keeping our three-year-old away from your standard sweets. He still really hasn’t had any cookies or cakes or candies, so fruits and strawberries are real treats for him. Of course, I might also argue that strawberries should be treats for anyone.

So we had the strawberries and our little guy is so excited for them. Usually this means he just starts pounding the fruits, so excited to have something so yummy. This also means they can be gone in a flash. He is only three, and we can only ask so much of him. And, usually before we bring the strawberries out the wife and I will munch on a few just to make sure we get some. Because we are sneaky.

Then, for the second time this week, something adorable happened. He was munching on the strawberries, but when he got down to the last three, he stopped. He announced that “This one is for Mommy,” and handed her a strawberry, “And this is for Daddy” and gave me one.

Then he watched as we all held our strawberries, and as a family we finished them together, as my little boy’s smile grew even bigger.

It’s such a little thing, and I am possibly reading into it more than it actually means, but seeing him want to share with us and enjoy such treats together really makes me feel that as parents, we must be doing something right.

And it is moments just like that which make the hard times, and just the plain lack of time that having a child causes, that make everything worth it.

I love that little guy.

Even if he is the main cause of why I don’t get to write as much as I would like.


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