Immigration Center

I’m taking a break from talking about my upcoming novel, Sand, Sea and Stone, and its indiegogo campaign to relate a tale of living in Japan. Enjoy. Yesterday was one of those days that all of us immigrants have to face over from time to time. A nice little visit to the immigration center to … More Immigration Center

I’m an Immigrant

At the end of college I was accepted into the JET Programme. This enabled me to move to Japan and work as a teacher in local high schools. JET came with a one-year contract that was renewable originally for three years, but ultimately this was extended to five. My original plan was to stay for … More I’m an Immigrant

Mima’s Coming!

One of the things that happens when you have a child is that everyone in your family gets a new name. Well, maybe not everyone but a lot of people. These names are, of course, the names that you want the chid to use. Sometimes this is a very straightforward decision, other times it takes … More Mima’s Coming!