Mima’s Coming!

One of the things that happens when you have a child is that everyone in your family gets a new name. Well, maybe not everyone but a lot of people. These names are, of course, the names that you want the chid to use. Sometimes this is a very straightforward decision, other times it takes a bit of thought. My dad knew right away that he was going to be Grampa. Right down to where the accent is supposed to fall (on the first syllable) he knew. My mother needed a bit more time.

For what it is worth, I’m still not entirely sure. I liked the idea of being Papa, which is very common over here, but Dad and Daddy just naturally spring out. Maybe this will be a situation where Leo (my son) decides what he will call me and I’ll just be fine with that.

But, back to my mom. In the end she decided on Mima, not to be confused with Mimaw. Mima has no real family meaning or connections, it is just something that my Mom really liked. As far as I am concerned, if she likes the sound and there are no negative cultural meanings over here (and there don’t seem to be any) then she can choose to be known however she likes. And I can’t deny that Mima has a very cute sound to it and I look forward to hearing my boy call her that.

And we are getting closer to that day. Not only is my boy getting bigger and more vocal, although still not speaking words, but Mima is on her way. At least soon. This will be her third trip over since Leo was born and I am thrilled that she will be able to make it.

I’ve always felt very blessed to have had such a good relationship with both of my parents. Don’t get me wrong, I was a kid once too and my parents weren’t always my favorite people, but I have always loved my parents and felt loved by them. Not everyone can say that about their family and the older I get the luckier I feel to have such a strong relationship.

And I’m thrilled that this upcoming week will be time for my son and my mother to spend time together. That’s the whole point of this trip: spend time with Mima. The last time she was with him was over Christmas and New Year’s. He has changed so much in seven months and she is so excited to be able to see him again.

I love my mother dearly and I hope the next week helps form the connection between her and her grandson. She loves him so much.

I’ve lived away from my home country for over a decade. Technology helps me feel closer and more connected so that I don’t even really think about the distance anymore. Except for days like today when I think about Mima flying aver and that we only have a week. And then home feels very far away.

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