6 Years

This makes two family related, emotional posts in a row. Don’t worry, I’ll get back to dragons and super-heroes soon enough. But I need to pause and take a moment.

Six years ago I woke up as any other day. Sometime after a breakfast I can’t remember I went over to the city office and dropped off some paperwork. Since it was a Saturday I had to take the papers to a little room they had open just for receiving papers. We wanted the papers to get marked as received and proper that day, so we had spent a few weeks making sure everything was perfect. We’d even taken them by the city office earlier in the week to make sure everything was in order.

The original plan was for us both to go over to drop off the papers. But there is never enough time and in the rush it seemed best for me to go drop them off by myself. And although the papers wouldn’t be officially stamped for another few days, with the date of that Saturday, the moment those papers were received was when I official became a husband to a wife. It’s strange to think that in a way the moment I became married my wife was down the street in our apartment.

Of course later that day we had our actual ceremony. Since we knew we were to have a Western ceremony in a few months we opted for a Japanese ceremony. We drank sake, exchanged rings (a new addition to the tradition). I read the prepared speech. We became man and wife.

Six years. It feels both long and short at the same time. In a blink of an eye the time creeps by. She still makes me laugh. And smile. And cry, on rare occasion (usually in a good way.) I sleep better when she is next to me. She still fits perfectly in my arms. I want her advice when I’m lost. I want her smile when I’m sad. I want her with me during adventures. Which is good because it’s only been six years and there are many adventures still to come.


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