My Mom is Mighty

The truth is I was going to write about something else other than my not-quite-a-week-old baby today. Not that I had anything specific in mind, but I was thinking maybe a week straight was too much. Then two things happened. The first is my mother, who is in town to help us out for a … More My Mom is Mighty

Family Outing

Leo’s grandparents made it into town today. They live just far enough so it isn’t so easy for them to make it over here very often, so we wanted to make a day of it. There was still a bit of chill in the air, so we couldn’t go out for too long, but we … More Family Outing

Mima’s Coming!

One of the things that happens when you have a child is that everyone in your family gets a new name. Well, maybe not everyone but a lot of people. These names are, of course, the names that you want the chid to use. Sometimes this is a very straightforward decision, other times it takes … More Mima’s Coming!