Family Outing

Leo’s grandparents made it into town today. They live just far enough so it isn’t so easy for them to make it over here very often, so we wanted to make a day of it.

There was still a bit of chill in the air, so we couldn’t go out for too long, but we still managed to get some walking in. Walking is one of Leo’s favorite things to do. He doesn’t just stroll around blankly. He engages in everything. He wants to know the names of things. The colors of the ground. The animals on the signs. He stops. Points and goes “Ehn?” We tell him what it is and he repeats it. Then we continue. It isn’t an efficient traveling method, but it is an enjoyable on.

On today’s walk we were talking the grandparents back to the station. Mama held one hand and Leo’s grandfather held the other. Leo decided the activity for the day would be jumping. Every few seconds he chaired out “Jump!” and then did his best to give a little hope. Soon the game leveled up so that he would look at each of the four of us one by one. He would say “jump,” we’d repeat it on our turn and then he would let go with a laugh of sheer joy.

Leo likes being around other people. I’m pretty sure at not even two, that he likes being part of a community. He wanted all four of us to be part of his game. Sure, this could just be the ramblings of a proud papa, but he doesn’t always need to be the center of attention to enjoy groups. He can be happy just being around a group of talkers. Admittedly, somehow he does end up being the center of attention, but is it his fault he’s adorable?

It was a nice day having the maternal grandparents in town. I do wish they were able to make it over a little more often. They are lovely people.

But I need to cut this a little short. I have a fixed break before the Mrs. needs to leave for a work party and I go back on Papa duty. And I do love my little man, but I will admit that as sweet as he is, at the end of today I have a feeling I will be quite tired.


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