Turning 85

This morning I was thinking about my mom and one of the many favors I’m likely to ask her. She’s smart and helpful. I’m lucky like that. Turns out that she was also thinking of me. She sent me a few pictures that made me smile. The first four might make their own blog post … More Turning 85

Family Outing

Leo’s grandparents made it into town today. They live just far enough so it isn’t so easy for them to make it over here very often, so we wanted to make a day of it. There was still a bit of chill in the air, so we couldn’t go out for too long, but we … More Family Outing

Born Story Teller

If you just glanced at the title of this post you might think I am about to sing my own praises. I am not. For a change. Instead, I am thinking about my grandfather. No family gathering is complete without everyone quoting down to hear tales of times past. As the son of sharecroppers and … More Born Story Teller

Just a Plumber

It was a special day for the old plumber. One of his grandson’s was visiting, one of his oldest girl’s boys. She had two kids. The youngest had two settings, silent with a book in hand or constantly talking. He was too little to really help on jobs, but he was good enough to at … More Just a Plumber