Fathering in Sickness

I’m still fighting with my sinus/ear infection. I’ve been told it isn’t really that contagious, so that’s good. Every now and then there is a touch of dizziness or a stab of pain. But that kind of feels like a ‘such is life’ statement.

Despite not feeling my best, there is still a little guy that depends on me. He needs to smile and laugh and play. I can’t tell him “Tough luck, sonny. Dad just wants to sit.”

I don’t want to make this sound like anything special. I’m not striving against adversity. If anything I’m continuing against inconvenience.

I also have the benefit of having a wife who is doing more than her share.

Plus, I have the little guy himself and he deserves to have fun with his dad.

So, let me out on my game face and go to work.

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