Blank Tapes

(A True Life story about a recent day working with a class of junior high school students.) “Okay class, we are about to begin,” the teacher announced. The assistant looked over the room. Twenty six of the twenty seven students were in attendance. It was a private girl’s school. Technically it was a Catholic school … More Blank Tapes

The Agent

He sat in in the middle of his room on the only chair he owned. The lights were off. The second hand of the clock on the wall ticked away the moments. He breached in and out at a rhythm out of sync with the clock. Ghosts of outside light flickered on the wall. In … More The Agent

Sengoku Tales, 3

The Scavengers Darkness brought scavengers of all kinds to the field of battle. The casteless had already been paid to take away the bodies, but as usual after battles there was more bodies than pay allowed so many were left to rot. The buzzards were the first to approach. Slow and large, they feasted on … More Sengoku Tales, 3