He watched the flashes of light. He was so close he could smell them. The boom and roar had long since turned to silence. He was battered by the shatter and thrash around him. Dark clouds tumbled overhead. Threatening him to move lest he be struck down directly. But he watched and splayed his fingers. … More Lightning

Baby Bird

It was just after the baby bird opened its eyes that Tym realized he should have studied more. That had always been his problem. The stars of his birth foretold of great magical potential, and there was little doubt that potential existed, however Tym seemed to actively avoid the work that would activate said potential. … More Baby Bird

Take Aim

The sweat once again dripped into his eyes. If he did nothing, soon the stinging would begin. He steadied the arrow against the bow with one hand and wiped the sweat away with the other. He blinked several times in rapid succession in the hopes of warding off irritation. Soon it would be the moment … More Take Aim

The Sword

She tested the weight of the sheathed blade. It was heavier than what she was used to wielding, which only made sense as it was a hand and a half longer the her previous blade. Mayhaps she would need to carry it on her shoulder. Wearing at her hip would certainly make the yojans she … More The Sword

Set it on Fire

Light the match and toss it. Watch the corners catch. Let the heat rise. Flames rise upon the fuel and the rises more, always hungry. Climbing and burning it billows our smoke. Smoke billows and grows, smothering and choking, dancing in the gentle wind. Air enters the fire and the the fire pulses with the … More Set it on Fire


It was a marching tune, and so the man marched. His feet kept perfect time. His arms swayed tightly to the rhythm. Sweat was beginning to break out on his brow but kept up the proper pace. After all it was a marching tune. He wanted to stop but knew he couldn’t. Not until the … More March


Thirty-six bodies moved in time as the drums began their rat-a-tat-tat. The keyboard quickly joined in with a cheerful flutter before collapsing into syncopated chords. The guitar began strumming along as the bass bounced away at a simply pattern that doubled the low end of the keyboards. Nothing too complex. Nothing too new. But, goddamn, … More Idolatry

Just a Plumber

It was a special day for the old plumber. One of his grandson’s was visiting, one of his oldest girl’s boys. She had two kids. The youngest had two settings, silent with a book in hand or constantly talking. He was too little to really help on jobs, but he was good enough to at … More Just a Plumber