The Sword

She tested the weight of the sheathed blade. It was heavier than what she was used to wielding, which only made sense as it was a hand and a half longer the her previous blade. Mayhaps she would need to carry it on her shoulder. Wearing at her hip would certainly make the yojans she needed feel longer than they were.

She pulled the sword free and delicately places the scabbard on the ground.

The sword had good balance, that much was certain, but it was singled edged. That would also take some adjustment on her part.

She began her stances, doing her best to put the blade through its paces. Soon she was sweating. Good. It was the best way to ensure the grip wouldn’t grow slippery under heavy use. If it was true for sweat, it would hold true for blood.

She would need to think of a name for the blade. It would be bad luck to not have a name prepared for when it first drew blood.

But that could be decided upon as she walked. Soon the sun would begin to burn, and she wanted to have made progress by then.

And once again being properly armed, she was ready to take on the dangers that lay ahead.

4 thoughts on “The Sword

  1. I decided to read this first anyways, and it looks like an interesting read! I’ll have to start from the beginning and read them all when I get the chance!

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