Grumpy Bird Reviews: Thor #6

Lately I’ve been reading a lot of silver age Marvel comics thanks to the Marvel Unlimited app. This includes some Kirby Thor (currently fighting Galactus.) I’ve been enjoying the heck out of them, but there is a side effect. Switching for Silver Age to modern comics can sometimes make it feel like nothing happens in a current issue. Especially when not much happens.

Thor-006-CoverThor #6

Writer: Jason Aaron

Artist: Russel Dauterman

Colors: Matt Wilson

Publisher: Marvel

Plot: Villains monolouge. Thor wonders who Thor is. Odin acts like a jerk. The last page reveal is an ominous Destroyer. No, this isn’t issue 5. This is issue 6. They are completely different. Because reasons.

Analysis: Really I feel as I can end my review here. I think by now people reading this comic have decided whether or not they like the direction it is heading. I just keep waiting for it to give me a reason to care. I don’t think it is necessarily bad. It just keeps spinning in circles in areas that don’t interest me. Mr. Minotaur and Malekith are not characters that I want to see (one bores me and one should be left to Simonson.) The mystery bores me (it will be told when it is told and I’ve read too many comics to trust in clues.) Yet again we get no real character moments for Mary Jane Thor (because that is who she is and that is still the most enjoyable aspect of this book for me.) Other than that it is just basically filling space.

I could ponder the steps involved in getting the two pirates rigged up as just heads or point out the oddity that is Heimdall arguing he only spies threats in the same panel where he discusses the elves’ dinner plans, but that is just dinky stuff that took me out of the comic. I mean, being jarred out of the experience isn’t a good sign, but I think it is mostly due to the experience a particularly shallow one.

Other than that I spent part of this issue wondering about Odinson’s wardrobe. In this time where there is an active push to eleminate (or at least lessen) blatant cheesecake and make costumes less revealing and more functional if there is some meta-commentary in having the beefcake Odinson go around topless and with his pants arguably unfastened? No joke, I find this possibility more interesting than pretty much anything that happened in this issue.

So what do you think, is Beefcake Odinson commentary?

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