Grumpy Bird Reviews: Daredevil s01e04: In the Blood

Two men go on a date and use similar lines to woo the girl. And lots of other awesome stuff happens.

km6safhgb9btzm4azw9mDaredevil s01e04: In the Blood

Writer: Joe Pokaski

Director: Ken Girotti


Quick Review: Wilson Fisk goes on a date with the art curating Vanessa and Matt has to rescue to night nursing Claire. Plus Ben and Karen talk about the evil corporation. Foggy doesn’t do much this time around but charms whenever he is on screen.

Analysis: The main takeaway of my reviews of the last two episodes was that they were decent enough but felt like a lot of treading water. This is the episode were things start moving forward. Now that we seemingly have the main characters assembled the plot threads can start weaving toghether. This makes for a much more satisfying episode.

Lets talk a little about Wilson Fisk, shall we? This was an interesting choice in how to introduce him. After three episodes that basically served to build up the gradeur of this character, our first real introduction of him is when he is at his most awkward: courting a woman he wishes to know better. In the comics the relationship between Wilson and Vanessa is difficult to summarize, so lets just put it aside. The TV relationship is in its very beginning. And, again, that we are seeing a Fisk that is second-guessing himself and bumbling in a sort of regal fashion in an interesting choice. I spent most of the episode wondering when we would see the other side of Wilson Fisk, and it came before the credits in a brutal manner.

What I appreciated about this episode was the inverse parallels between Fisk and Murdock. Fisk is an evening of relationship building and a final act of brutality. Murdock is an evening spent in action and a final moment of tenderness. They even had the same line about wanting to make the city better. Very well done in further connecting these two men.

Just a quick note about Clair. I liked that even bound and in a trunk she was still fighting back. Rosario Dawson’s attitude in that scene, being tortured, was nice to see. Even bound and beaten as she was there wasn’t the since of being damseled that often comes in such situations. Her scene of torture was as if she were one of the boys. Except for the hug at the end.

This is the episode where this show might have found its legs. Lets see if it can run.

9 more to go.

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