Grumpy Bird Reviews: Invincible Iron Man #2

One of the main reasons I picked up issue one was hearing that Mary Jane Watson is to be a supporting character. Well, she wasn’t in last issue and isn’t in this issue either. Still, there are other reasons to read an Iron Man comic I suppose.

4856086-invim2015002_dc11_lr-0Invincible Iron Man #2

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artist: David Marquez

Colorist: Justin Ponsor

Publisher: Marvel

Quick Review: This book has a lot of talking. Which is to be expected in a Bendis book, but still. The chatty nature of the book doesn’t necessarily hurt it, but the fact that most of the book is just repeating the same ground does hurt. Sure. It’s Doom. Can we move the story along a little faster, please? Marquez is a beautiful artist for talking heads and filled the page nicely, but it got old. I feel it is safe to acknowledge that when Bendis writes a book you have to be willing to enjoy the journey more than the destination. This time they were both average at best. But I’ll still go for issue three.

Analysis: I do not care at all about Secret Wars or Battleworld. I have zero interest. But I understand it isn’t over yet. I think. Anyway, I know that something is up, will be up, was up, whatever with Doom and that his appearance he is supposed to be colored by those books. But I don’t care, so if there is deeper meaning it is lost on me. To me this is just Doom showing up in a suit. Which I’m kind of okay with. I’m reminded up John Byrne’s Namor for some reason. I kind of wish more had been done with White Suit Doom. But sure, Doom the Businessman. But it feels like two-thirds of this comic is in deciding whether or not this was Doom and that just got boring.

Another thing that wore on me was Friday. Friday is an AI, but I am not convinced it needs to be talking this much. Is this going to go anywhere other than Bendis writing like Bendis and that generally needing more than one person? As it is, it just felt like everything Friday said was trying to hard. I guess I’m saying it’s another thing that got old.

As for Madame Masque. Yeah, I’m down. All I really wish is that we got more of her and less discussion with Doom. And one other thing. Can we bring back her old mask? That really is the only flaw I see in the art and design work in this book. I just don’t like the clear mask. It just feels wrong. I like the perpetually coldness and alienation of the opaque mask. This one being see through (except for a fancy domino mask) seems pointless. And know I wonder if Doom was the only person who has a new face. Then there are the lips painted on the mask. Why? And how? Are they smart lips that move with her as she talks? Is this mask a high tech thingamajig? Why can’t it just be a mask? Such a small detail, but that mask is all I can focus on whenever she is on panel, and not in a good way.

Wrap Up: Okay, I came off as more negative than I wanted to. There is a lot to like here. Bendis is a lot more enjoyable here than I have found him in a while despite having some rockiness in the Doom scene and in not making Tony Stark sound like Spider-Man. But I’m willing to forgive that if the next issue picks up.

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