Grumpy Bird Reviews: Daredevil v5 #01

I’ve been enjoying dipping my toes back into modern continuity comics. Now it is time for a test. Daredevil v2 is one of the things that pulled me back into comics during how school. Here we are at volume 5. Is this going to keep me reading?

Daredevil_Vol_5_1Daredevil v5 #01

Writer: Charles Soule

Artist: Ron Garney

Colorist: Matt Milla

Quick Review: If Mark Waid’s run started off by turning Matt Murdock happy-go-lucky, this seems to be a reversal into bleak and dreary. Not that there is anything wrong with that. In fact, it is like putting on a comfortable pair of old socks. This works much better as a first issue than All New Wolverine #01, but still made me feel as if I were missing something. Maybe this is because there was an All New Point One I had to track down for Blindspot’s introduction, or maybe it was because I don’t think I actually finished the previous volume. Still, it is pretty easy to just run with Matt and Foggy being in New York and Matt having a sidekick for some reason. Plus, a creepy new villain. I will certainly grab issue 02.

Spoilers Lurk Below

Analysis: There certainly were some questions that came with this book. When did Matt move back to New York? Did Foggy’s cancer get resolved last volume? Why did Matt switch from defender to prosecutor? Is there going to be an explanation for the new costume? Sidekick?

The problem with having these questions is that none of them are really important in the grand scheme of things. All of them potentially have answers. Some of those answers I could even find myself with a little bit of checking. But I don’t know if those answers exist yet, if they are in some other issue I haven’t read (like that Point One book I had to go hunting for which didn’t really do much)  or if these answers are going to happen in future flashbacks. I just don’t know, and yes, I like knowing.

Still, Soule is such a strong writer that this lack of knowledge on my parent did not interfere with my enjoyment. I was having fun reading a Daredevil comic. There were some new twists but it still felt very much like Daredevil. I have to respect Soule’s ability to change (or change back) the status quo while maintaining the fundamental feel of a character.

Part of Daredevil’s appeal is that it is almost as much of a crime comic as it is a super hero comic. And it can support a healthy dose of mysticism as well. Even after one issue, Tenfingers feels right at home in Daredevil. Really all we are missing for the Daredevil sweet spot is a dangerous love interest. With Soule’s body of work I trust that if he were to introduce such a female, that he would be able to do so in a way that felt fresh while being a familiar Daredevil story.

As for Blindspot, well, why not? As I said, this is where it does seem like there is a history that we need to be shown. I just don’t know if that will happen. I’m saving my views until we get more about the character and a better look at where his loyalties lie. So far, his issue one appearance was more interesting that the forgettable Point One appearance where he felt like a recycled super hero Will Hunting. With a sister. And Chinese.

Before I move on to the art, how nice is it that an actual lawyer is writing law based comics?

As for the art, Ron Garney is very strong here. He has always been a powerful storyteller. Although, this might be the scratchiest I can remember his art being. I tend to think of him as having a much cleaner line. This is still good, but the scratchiness and the colors (and their dot-matrix like style) makes me think I am looking at something that really wants to be Chris Bachalo. It does look good, and fits the story, it just hasn’t convinced me yet that it is its own thing.

Wrap Up: A very promising start. All it needs to do now is follow through with the promise of this issue and balance that line of what makes Daredevil work without outright copying what has gone before. With the talent on this title, it should go the distance. What that distance is when comics get relaunched after a handful of issues, I’m not sure.

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