Writing Bloody Tokyo

I go on walks. I’m on the verge of liking walks, but the real truth is that it is the best method of transportation for me to get around this city. I walk around. Also, I have a two-year old son who doesn’t like to sleep. Now, he is getting a little too heavy to just pick him up and go for walks, but in the past, that was one of the best ways to get him relaxed enough to fall asleep. We’ve gone on lots of walks together.

Now, he is also pretty chatty. But before, he would mostly just curl up against my chest and start to drift off. So, as I walked I looked at the people around me and imagined little stories that could be happening in their lives. That’s nothing too special. I’m sure many of us do the same.

With Bloody Tokyo, I’m taking the people I’ve seen and making little stories only adding in a lot more sex, violence and vampires into the mix. So far each of the first three chapters is something that I’ve seen while walking around this city. Chapter 01 is from a pair of young people in their best recruit suits talking awfully close together behind a vending machine. Chapter 02 is the convenience store near my son’s daycare where there used to be a crowd of smokers out front that now have to sneak cigarettes around the side since the ash trays were taken away. Chapter 03, well, that was a woman walking in front of us. The depiction of her is pretty spot on. Except for the whole vampire thing.

I’m going to use this little inspirations for what I’m thinking of as the first season of Bloody Tokyo, the first 10-15 episodes. These are meant to reinforce the feel of Tokyo and to hopefully give everyone a semblance of what life here is like, with a sprinkling of vampire horror over the top of it.

Things to expect: Nosferatu in nice suits, the creepiness of a deserted Ginza, noise trucks, and maybe even some gangsters.

Hope you enjoy.

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