Living Japan Episode 80

The first quarter of this year was pretty busy and the Living Japan crew didn’t have as much time as we’d like to get together. Things are looking better. Especially because we have a new episode. Co-host Edgar gives us this synopsis:


On Episode 80, the Living Japan crew discusses about the call for volunteers to work at the Tokyo Olympics, asking for high skills professionals not only to donate their job, but to also cover all their expenses to work at the event. Is the organizing committee asking too much from these medical and language professionals? We also talk a little bit of the bitcoin and cryptocurrency craze and the recent hack that took place in Japan. Finally, for our main topic, we talk about one of the many faces of poverty in Japan: the net cafe refugees. Join us while we talk about the difficulties that these new type of homeless people face and as we discuss about the popular myth that says that “there is no poverty in Japan”.


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