Tarot Tuesday: Strength (8)

Today is our first foray into the Major Arcana with Strength.

Strength (8)

What is your first impression of Strength? Is it of physical power? This card asks you to look beyond the physical and embrace the strength of the inner.

As we move through the world, mastering the inner struggles is often more of a challenge than the physical challenges we may undertake. Maintaining our own inner calm in times of stress takes a great deal of strength. As does maintaining control of ourselves, and sometimes others, not by exerting force of dominance, but rather by exuding the strength of guidance.

Relying on the flashy can be a sign of false strength or weakness. True strength lies in the solid and reliable.

Drawing the strength card can mean we need to prepare for future frustrations and that we need to hone our strength to deal with such issues calmly.

It can also mean that we will need to undergo a true test of strength and forgive those who have wronged us.

It is also worth noting that this card can be used to suggest an affinity for animals, but that would not fall under its primary readings.

Another note is that depending on the deck Strength might be the 11th if the Major Arcana (it’s traditional place until the Rider-Waite deck switched them for astrological reasons.)

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